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Form E Disclosure
Quick couple of questions whilst I look over the form E. 

1 - Mortgage Statement: does the figure have to be the current day outstanding amount or the amount from when the ex left the matrimonial home.  The ex moved on 12 months ago and has not contributed towards the mortgage. 

2 - Pension Valuation:  is the value to be disclosed what is in my total pension pot or do I disclose what was accumulated during the marriage. I think its the total pot but just want to double check.

3 - Future liabilities - the ex relocated 45 miles away and I have relocated recently to be closer to the kids (yes, relocated out of malice to try and stop my midweek contact which is 2 days every week).  However, this will mean a daily 90 mile round trip for work and will also require me to upgrade my current vehicle which now has a value of around £700 but is costing me to keep it on the road due to on-going mechanical issues.  Would it be reasonable to put a value of around £10,000 for a new motor vehicle due to the ex relocating and the additional travel I will incur?
1- Not sure
2 - I would put the CETV value as well as pension that is accumulated during the marriage. I'd use the pension accumulated for the purpose of calculating assets
3- Put this under "Capital needs"
1- There is no exact answer to this as it depends on other liabilities. Put down the current outstanding amount but argue that that the amount at the time should be taken into account because she hasn't contributed for a year.

Some judges accept, others don't.
Thanks, I'll have to put the argument across. We are talking around £550 per month (only her contribution) so it's quite a significant amount of money when you total it up for the last 13 months. I've had to borrow money to maintain the mortgage payments. So although she can argue that I've benefitted from living in the FMH it's in fact, caused me to have money issues due to her not contributing.
Just another question on Form E.

In terms of liabilities, would it be what they are now or what the status was at the point of separation?

I guess if I've had to borrow money from friends etc... for child proceedings then this would be effectively my debt to manage and would remain outside of the equity split. Or would it depend on whether there is enough equity to clear all debts for both myself and the ex and if there was then, al debts would be cleared and then the equity split?
Leader - answer is total liabilities at the time of filing the form E. No doubt the other party would be doing the same

Like in my case I included legal fees that I owed to solicitor in children fees as Liability and Ex took cash back from credit card which she added in Liabilities section. If it goes goes to final hearing then some of these points could potentially be looked at a bit more detail, at which point both parties may be asked to send in an updated form e

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