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5 months
hi dads want advice please,, im now starting my 6 months without seeing my little girl, and its dreadfull, more to the mothers liking,, no dout,  my court ruleing still stands even tho its a really rubbish one,,  i cannot see myself going without seeing her much longer, it was my choice, and i think ive messed up,,its also worrying what the ex has done without me in littleones life, how????? can i,, do i,, start contact of again,, the mother will be all against this ,, as before, i dont want to walk away,,,  apart of me longs for what i should have had,, thanks for reading,, any help here please. Undecided
What contact are you allowed. I not seen my kids since January either and have put in court application myself
hi warwickshire . 6 hours every 2 weeks, and 2 hours every 2 weeks for tea time,
I would message your ex partner asking to re establish contact please. If no answer by Monday then contact a mediator who can try and contact your ex and sort it out. If that is unsuccessful then return to court

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