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So do you think....
.....that your former partners are aware of this forum and more importantly, do you think they (or their solicitors) frequent them incognito?

I only ask because it came to light recently that my STBX came out with something I'd only put on here, hence me being rather quiet recently... I see a lot of lurkers who haven't registered and it made me wonder...

P.S - If you're reading this you should have heard from my solicitor now... Cool
I have wondered too, and always have that on the back of my mind what I'm putting here, sometime pretty down to the detail. I try to ensure I'm not putting my future moves etc. But if ex has made it here, it is too obvious seeing my posts. Also this website is easy to find on internet. Well the danger is real there is no doubt.
I found this forum whilst Googling for financial information about joint home ownership & selling up after splitting up, I'm in no doubt that she was doing the same so it's very possible that she's been here at some point. Only thing that makes me think not is that she's incapable of keeping her mouth shut, especially if was over something that she could throw in my face, so I think I'm safe as she hasn't said anything to me to make me think otherwise.

I was hardly imaginative with my user name & posting my situation on here would make me easily identifiable though, I've been careful not too say too much here & keep the more personal information to PM's but I'm sure there's a few that have been caught out.

I've seen a few of those "please delete my account" topics & I'd hazard a guess it's been because of prying eyes!
Ditto - been hanging low on the forum recently as I've applied to vary and have a hearing coming up. I've had to PM some members directly who have been happy to advise, this was much appreciated. Big thumbs up for this forum again.
It would not surprise me if any solicitor etc frequented this forum, hence why the moderators usually censor names, locations, etc so as to keep things on the downlow - as it is this is the ONLY place I use this UserName - everywhere else uses my old long one - which she would know.
The opinions here are not that of Separated Dads, but merely a loving father who has been through the process and has come out the other side.

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