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Consent Order Advice, going back to Court.
Hi, some advice please.

Due to my ex's solicitor delay in replying to emails in connection to wording on draft order, numerous errors, omitted issues agreed at court and them trying to impose things that were not agreed we are going back to court to get it sorted out.

I can't afford another Barrister for the day. I had one last time but I'm sure a good one would have sorted this all out at the last hearing where agreement was reached on numerous issues, but mine wasn't.

So, there are only a couple of sticking points to sort out. The main one now being that ex wants me to change my allocated alternate weekends, not mentioned in court. My weekends were agreed by ex on existing cout order, over 1 1/2 years ago, to coincide with her daughter seeing her father. She now states she wants to change it to coincide with her daughter seeing her father! This would obviously cause issues with not only my personal future plans but more importantly me and my sons planned arrangements, booked holidays etc.

My main question, if anybody else has been through a property/financial order is mortgage payments on the property.
Its my house and mortgage in my name which ex has agreed to pay mortgage and can live there till son is 18.

On the draft order the mortgage payments are mentioned in the "Recitals" but not in "Agreed by Consent Order" section.

Should that be included in that section as I'm under the impression that if ex decides she doesn't want to pay the mortgage in the future it isn't enforceable?

Any advice welcome.

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