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Directions hearing today
Hello all.
Self represented, felt it went well as my ex controlling ways are finallly beginning to shine through which the magistrates I think are finally starting to see.

One major point. A nursery report was given to court only the day before court to show my daughters progress.
The nursery specifically stated however that I was to be kept in the dark which nursery this is.

I’m not sure if parental rights covers nursery but fair play to the magistrate as he did ask why is it the nursery hold this view. My ex solicitor stated she did not know as keep in mind they are trying g to argue the toss they are open to contact. Their actions don’t marry up with their words though.

Cafcass now have to do another report but if they’re not interested to know the answer to this question regarding the nursery then I am.
If my ex has been running around telling folk including staff at a nursery what I think she’s been saying then this is verging on slander.
I’ve had no previous convictions, no non molestations.....absolutely nothing against me to justify this viewpoint,

How can I find out what nursery she is going to as I wish to request a written statement to find out why the nursery hold the view point they do.
I’m willing to pay for a solicitor on this now because it’s outrageous what I suspect has been said.
To my knowledge if you have parental responsibility you have a right to know what school your child attends.
You could maybe get a Solicitor as a one-off just to do a letter or two - and them write to your ex or her solictor informing them that you have a right to know which nursery your daughter attends and to request they provide this information. Then them write to the nursery asking them why they say the Child's Father is not to be told where the child is at nursery. If she or her solicitor refuse to tell you it would be possible to do a specific issues application to the court (short hearing) asking for information as to where your daughter's nursery is and the court would make an order that you must be provided with this information.
You should bear in mind that padentsl responsibility is your right through having your name on the birth certificate. Although you'll get bluster from those that don't know and don't want to cooperate, there are rules. One is that if your child attends a local authority nursery you can write to the local authority and find out which nursery that is. Similarly, if they are registered with a GP, you can write to the relevant authority to fund out which one and take things from there.

I'd start with writing to the local education department as that will straightforwardly include/exclude half of local nurseries.

And yes, you're right, your ex will - like all the other bitter ones - have made up all kinds of stories about you.
Mine is already starting a smear campaign at son's new school! I had to contact local authority to find out which school ex had applied for. I have an order that says he lives with both parents. The local authority actually had to get legal advice before they could give me the information! But they did give it to me.

Sounds like Cafcass are going to do background checks to see if there are any criminal records or something. It is simply that your ex wants to keep the information from you and be the only parent involved with the nursery, so she will have told them you are not to know where your daughter is (and yes she could have told them anything).

It may be best to wait for Cafcass to do their checks and show there is no reason for you not to know. You could actually email Cafcass as well, if you have any evidence that shows you have a clean Police record eg and say you have no criminal record, no orders against you for anything and feel it is important, as a Father with PR to know where your daughter goes to nursery. That you have no intention of going to the nursery unless the child is in your care via a court order.
You say in your first post that CAFCASS have already done a report, so safeguarding checks will have already been done. If there was an issue you'd know about it.

You simply need to get moving on where your children are young to nursery.

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