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Partner vs boyfriend?
So the ex trotted out her new boyfriend at sports day. Im slightly mythed because shes been scowling at me and my partner at the school gates for the last year and now she’s being extra nice and chatty. I made every effort to be friendly to him but when I asked him if his kids were there, he doesn’t have any. I Couldn’t think of anything else to talk about so since the ex didn’t introduce him I asked if he was her partner?he seemed somewhat perturbed at this and corrected me that he was her “boyfriend”
Any idea what the difference is? why would a grown man bother to make the distinction?
Partner or boyfriend? To some people it would be totally interchangeable. IMO, using the term “partner” does seem to imply a degree of permanence and intertwining of families, finances, etc. Boyfriend seems to be more just someone who is dating.

Age can be a factor too. Younger people would probably be more inclined to use the term “boyfriend”, but for older couples it does seem a bit ridiculous.

Maybe the guy felt a little uncomfortable that he’d been invited along by your ex and his reaction was a hint that he wasn’t there to be a replacement dad.
Thanks Kate, he looks about 50 so that’s why it was strange to me.
My daughter and I moved in together a couple of weeks ago with my “partner” and all of a sudden ex has a boyfriend at sports day.
Seems like a nice guy though, just worried she’s doing it for the wrong reasons. There’s already been a few boyfriends over the last few years.

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