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Dear separated dads,

I went to Court on the 1/4/2019 and agreed with my ex shared custody with exchange of children at respective houses and 2+1 week with the kids for the 2019 summer holidays. 

1) HOLIDAYS: I have been trying to agree with her the summer dates in accordance to the Court Papers. I have change my original request to accommodate her declared working commitments.  no reply.  She says she reported me to the Police for harassment.... My solicitor has reviewed all emails and said I have done nothing wrong and have nothing to fear. in the last few weeks I have not replied to her continues emails, calls and text, sometimes 10 in 30 min with no reason. 
What could I do apart from going to Court? 

2) EXCHANGE OF CHILDREN. Court paper says exchange at the respective houses. My ex is now insisting that we exchange the kids at the local petrol station. Bad for my kids, absurd, not required and more convenient to her. (next to her house). 
I do not want to do that. I feel is not good for my children and an inconvenience for me and there is no basis for her request.
I am sure she cannot impose this and there is no basis for her request.
Last week she called me 10 times (I did not picked up) but eventually came to my house to collect the kids.
PS both houses have CCVT....
What should I do? So far I told her face to face I disagree to her request and not gone to the petrol station and waited for her to come to my house. she and her boyfriend (bizarre!!!) keeps contacting me asking to change arrangements.

I feel I am acting in a more mature way and respecting the Court order but looking forward for your suggestions. 


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