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Costs procedures
Anyone have any experience at claiming costs?  Have been advised I am unlikely to get all the costs due to Barrister being expensive.  All Solicitor has said is - it could be a lengthy process needing a further hearing and a further court application fee!

Basically I am supposed to submit the costs to the other side for agreement and if they don't agree, then it has to go to a hearing to be determined what is reasonable.

So I am wondering if I just ask for half the costs up front and say I'm not pursuing full costs but just half, as a way of getting agreement rather than the palaver of another court hearing.

Not sure on the strategies for this- is it better to include absolutely everything, wait for the other side to refuse, have a hearing and get less.

Or try to negotiate upfront for a lesser amount?  No doubt my ex would claim poverty at a hearing and the costs would be reduced to virtually nothing anyway.

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