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Fact finding hearing
I am due to have my fact finding hearing in August due to false allegations by ex like other on here. Judge ordered at last hearing for statements and evidence to be filed at court in March. I did file my statement along with witness statements back in March. Ex did the same. However, today I received an email from my solicitor saying ex want to submit more evidence to the court which are: a letter from her saying that she did X, Y and Z for nursery for our son I.e attended parents evening, dealt with reports etc which is completely untrue. My son went to nursery when he was 7 months old and my ex went back to work. She was travelling around the UK leaving home early on Monday and returning either late Thursday or Friday. She did that for over 2 years.

I was the main carer for our some having to do my full time demanding job as senior manager and taking our son to nursery and back and feeding him, bathing him etc.
She also said that she making a lot more contribution to household than me which is again all lies. She was sacked from her job as she was incompetent. I was supporting the family all by myself for a year. She claimed for that year she contributed about 40k which is again lies.

My solicitor said to them that we would not agree this to be included in bundle therefore the have applied for a judge to make a decision.

In your view, how relevant is this to my case and is it likely judge may accept this?

I forgot to mention that I spoke to nursery and they said the hadn’t produced any kind of report saying she was dealing with nursery paperwork. She was away so I was the main contact for the nursery.
I would refuse any more evidence as well and fact she is represented you cant understand why they cant comply with what course has asked which was to file it all by March.

By all means get yourself a letter from nursery saying you was main contact as she was away etc
I doubt the judge will buy this horsessh*t.

To answer the first part of your question, it's not relevant. It's a fact finding about allegations. So it's meaningless. She's trying to paint herself in the best light.

I would not worry about it but would as suggested get a very simple letter from the school - you should go so far as to hint at the wording - "Mr X was the min contact and carer for us between x and y". Nurseries, I'm sure, don't want to get involved in this kind of thing so you should help keep their involvement to a minimum.
Thanks. My solicitor said the same thing as these new documents aren’t relevant to the case and she is trying to support her statement.
I spoke to the nursery and they were useful. The manager said they don’t have any kind of report saying who was bringing and collecting my son. I was the main contact. I will ask her if she can give me a letter to support this.
My ex wasn’t around for 2 years and she was often in Scotland coming home for weekends only. I have shown this to the court and CAFCASS already.
And after that, you don't need to do anything else. It really is worth remembering that it is up to her to prove her claims, jot for you to disprove them.

Judges have seen this stuff a thousand tunes, they're used to it.
(07-03-2019, 10:04 PM)warwickshire1 Wrote: I would refuse any more evidence as well and fact she is represented you cant understand why they cant comply with what course has asked which was to file it all by March.

By all means get yourself a letter from  nursery saying you was main contact  as she was away etc

I have received an email from my solicitor saying the a district judge has granted additional documents to be included in the bundle. I don't think this is fair firstly these aren't relevant to the case and secondly I am not given chance or time to prove her lies.
I have heard something ridiculous today that ex solicitor decided that 1 day hearing isn’t enough just 3 weeks before hearing and is asking to court to have 1 and half day hearing to go through everything. The annoying thing is that they had from February to raise this and only just now realised that. I am not really happy with this. Due to the court availability I had to wait 6 months just to get a date and now will have to wait even longer. It’s been 10 months now due to false allegations I am having to see my children in a contact centre.
Is there anything I can do to stop this? It looks like solicitors playing dirty tricks to buy more times.
SB1353, I would have thought based on the notes I have recvd from court, that both the parties need to agree to any change in the schedule of proceedings including moving dates etc. And that if one party don't agree to change in proceedings, then the original schedule stands. So i'd suggest to write to other solicitor as well court staff to tell them you are not agreeable to change in proceedings, obviously paint the picture about children's welfare being the reason.
Thanks SeanS. I raised this with my solicitor and it appears that they are agreeing with this. I 100% disagree with this. The other party solicitor is playing dirty tick to delay the proceeding and mine doesn’t mind to charge me extra for hold a day in court what really peeing me of that they knew this from February and they suddenly decided they need extra half a day.
I am expecting a call from my solicitor and will put my points across to see what she says. What I don’t want to do is have a day hearing Nd wait another 6 months for the rest. It’s a joke!

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