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Cafcass interview
So I've got my S7 coming up , already had a brief phone interview and will meet for a face to face next week. They want to see me with my child also but because I only have her at the weekends and cafcass don't work then , they will see us somewhere in the area where she lives . I really want them to see her here in a familiar and comfortable environment, she has her own room etc and they could see how comfortable and great it is. Also cafcass asked me if I thought my child would cope with the extra holiday time I'm asking for? I'm only asking for half of the school hols and honestly my little one has no issues staying here , she loves it and doesn't ever even mention her mum the whole weekend. But what is the best way to answer that question if they ask it again ? , and I know they will as the ex has already put in her statement she doesn't think our daughter would cope. Of course she would cope , I thought it was a silly question really , but I want to say the right thing . Any advice ? Thanks
if it helps at all, I had CAFCASS worked visited to see me with children on Saturday.
Whilst I haven't been through a Section 7 - I had the same scenario at a Final Hearing when cross examined by the Ex's Barrister to the same silly question
of how would my son cope from being away from his Mother if I had 2 weeks with him during the summer holidays instead of a week as she was requesting.
He is 5 and throughly enjoys his time when with me and never asks for his mother. ( In my case how would the Barrister know - she's only had a quick meeting prior to Court and hardly knows her client let alone the child in question. ) 

We as father's know our own children and I doubt many responsible fathers would request a period of time with our children if we thought they would not cope.

Its an Ex like many others who try and give the impression to either CAFCASS or a Court they know best and are the more superior. 

I think its a poor tactic that some mothers use as a suggestion to those how have influence to make decisions. My reply was quite straight forward in that my son would cope very well without any issues - and to remember we are talking about my son who I have had a bond since birth. He is my son and would understand better if we were discussing looking after a friends child or their pet for a couple of weeks.

You are right it is a very silly question and a firm reply that there would be no issues as you know your own children as well as their Mother and you are there Dad.
You can still inform Cafcass during the meeting that she has her own customised bedroom that she is very proud of.

I would confirm to Cafcass of the fact their have been no issues with the contact you have had so far and that your daughter thoroughly enjoys the time you spend together. It seems from your post that you already have overnight stays so that will go in your favour. Give them examples of what you do with your daughter during weekends and also, what you plan to do during holiday time. Do not get side tracked with Cafcass on talking about the ex; focus on the positives of the relationship you have with your daughter.

It doesn't matter what your ex thinks, it's what is best for your daughter and that is to have regular and significant time spent with both parents.

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