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In Court Again Yesterday
Ok, an update on my situation.

I was back in court with ex and her solicitor yesterday as we couldn't agree on the wording and items on a draft consent order that her solicitor had sent to me in 2 attempts.

I did a position statement with a detailed background of events and why we were back in court again. They had tried to amend agreed issues from the last court hearing and tried adding things as well. I also did my own draft order with all the relevant points. Both of which I think helped.

The Judge was an elderly gentleman and seemed to guide and help me through the process as I was self rep.

The Judge had both drafts in front of him and went through all the points one at a time to see if we could agree on the wording. It got to the point that I was taking charge and reading out each item and if I didn't agree with theirs I would go back to my draft and come up with an agreeable solution.

I consider that I got virtually every point defined and varied to cover my points. All the points I wanted defining got sorted, holidays, passport, Birthday, Christmas eve/Day/Boxing Day, New Years eve etc. She can't now mess me about by trying to withhold the information I used to have to constantly ask for, of course it was a power trip for her.

The only sticking point is my allocated weekends. These got agreed in Oct 2017 and haven't changed. She now wants to swap my weekends as she states that nearly 2 years ago she made a mistake and my weekends don't coincide when her daughter spends a few hours through the day on a weekend with her father, even though she agreed in court before that they did. She now saying that her daughter is refusing to go see her dad as she wants to spend the weekend with our son, lies and blackmail !

This one issue is apparently going to be taken back to court and we both have to submitt a statement for a Judge to decide.

It really doesn't bother me which weekends I have but not only do I have future made plans but my circle of friends all have the same free weekend as me so will effect my social life quite a lot.

Any advice anyone?
So, its started again already.

Got an Order through the post yesterday. At the hearing on Wednesday I asked ex's solictor to be sent a draft Order for me to check over, he never sent one. The Order contains errors and contradicting issues, not was agreed.

How do I go about getting that rectified?

Agreed that when I vacated my house ex would pay monthly mortgage starting yesterday 20th July. She texted me on Friday stating she was going to withhold payment. I advised her her she didn't pay I will inform Court on Monday, she paid it.

On the order she has to make sons passport availability 14 days before travel date, I've notified her that I need it on Tuesday, 14 days before travel, shes refusing. I've informed her if she doesn't it will be a breach and I will inform Court.

Don't they ever think that their time can be better spent rather than causing friction?
I hear ya buddy, Id be inclined to dig in like a tick. If she has a solicitor at 300 bucks an hour and you are self rep then just keep sending it back. Just keep taking it back to court until she gives up.

I think there is a lot to be said for ex's trying to get attention, negative or otherwise. Even an unhealthy connection seems to be desirable to no connection. I really will never understand the need to keep the conflict going.
Hi, I'm going to email the Courts asking for this to be brought back before them.
Ex has now breached the Order already and not made son's passport available in the given time.
Also after emailing her solicitor on Sunday asking why I hadn't been sent a draft order for me to agree to a draft order was sent to me on Monday which the wording differed from the Order I received from the Courts on Saturday!

Can anybody give me my legal footing on this?

I'm also thinking that her solicitor keeps attaching her non-mol/occupation order application to each Child Arrangement Order sitting that that is a way she still could be getting free legal aid?


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