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Child friendly holiday advice

I want to take my boys (4 + 9 years old) on a child friendly fun holiday mid/late August. 

The 9 year old is an OK swimmer. The 4 year old wears arm bands. 

Both of them are quite active, need a lot of attention. 

What would you suggest?

I have just booked our first holiday abroad, with my 5yo. (first alone the two of us, we have all been abroad before with ex)

My requirements for the hotel were:
- Child friendly/family hotel (there are adults-only hotels),
- Children playground/facilities/events on hotel grounds,
- Children outdoor pool (or one main pool but with a clear separate section for children , ie very shallow),
- Easy and not excessively long access to/from airport,
- Not isolated/remote in the event of an emergency,
- As high a rating as I can afford, trip advisor is very good for a fair idea of rating. Don't trust trip operators or hotels own ratings.

May look like a long-ish list, but in reality there was an enormous amount of choices. Wink
Butlins worked well for me and my 5 year old
Butlins or Haven holiday parks are great for kids. Loads of daytime activites, indoor pools and night time entertainment. I go quite a lot with my boy and he loves them.
I've done Butlins, Haven, Parkdean many times over the years & my boys have always loved it. There's always the option of days out to local attractions as well so you don't necessarily have to stay on the park all day every day.
I go to the Lake District - loads of activities - go ape, boats, kids activity centres, climbing walls, places to go out on their bikes (walking paths not roads). Either holiday cottage or youth hostel. Youth hostels are good as other kids around and relaxed atmosphere - they do meals or you can self cater. A lot will be booked up in August now though. Although with youth hostels you can just book 2 or 3 nights rather than a whole week. They do family rooms with bunk beds and a double bed.

There is also Centerparcs. Expensive but they also do short breaks (lots of swimming pools). Which part of the country are you in?
I would to go Menorca, as long as your ex agrees, or a Court Order gives you the right to take them out of the UK.

I worked their in the 90's, and have spanish family. However, you do need to find the right resort for your age, and that of the chidlren.

My suggestion is Cala Blanes/Cala Forcat. Both resorts join on to each other, and you can walk from one end to the other in 45 min (or just a local bus). At Cala Blanes (where I ran the beach bar 1 summer), you can stand up until your about 800 yards out into the sea, so safe for the little one, and they do have a life guard. There is also beach access at Cala Forcat and a smaller beach you can access via steps near The Square. Your only only 20 min from the town by local bus, and can have cheap days out using the local bus to town, where you can change to get a bus to other resorts, or a 10 min walk to the main bus station, and you can go to the other side of the island.
Posts made by me are my opinion and any factual information should be checked out. If you do not have a Solicitor, often your local CAB can get you some initial advice.
Thanks dads.

I live in Kent, close to London. I don't have a car, so would need to travel by rail.

I will explore all your suggestions. I just want my boys to have the best time Smile
(07-22-2019, 09:11 AM)proud_dad Wrote: I live in Kent, close to London. I don't have a car, so would need to travel by rail.

There's a good park in Camber Sands, Parkdean one (formally Park Resorts). Trains run from Ashford to Rye & you can get a bus from Rye to Camber. I must've been there nearly half a dozen times with my boys.

Do NOT go the Pontins there though, it's a dive that should've been torn down years ago!
Dads, I booked a week at Haven Caister-on-Sea. I haven't told kids yet.

Thank you!

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