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Urgent CAFCASS visit
Hi, after telling me a month ago that CAFCASS have not been asked for house visit, today just 3 days before finalising the section 7, CAFCASS called me to ask if they can visit home TODAY ! so literally I got 3 hours of notice and I'm at work all day Smile
To be honest I welcome it, I believe they decided to visit based on my parenting plan that I submitted to them in last few days. 

Anything I need to keep in mind for home visit and what kind of questions will be asked ?
Make the place child friendly (I'm sure it already is) - stair gates etc... The officer may not choose to tour your house but better to be covered from that angle just in case.

I'm sure you know the drill, keep it child focussed and promote that the children should enjoy a relationship with both parents. If she probes on any allegations, just suggest that you don't know why your ex is suggesting this but are focussed on discussing what is best for the children in line with the welfare checklist.

When the focus moves to your parenting plan, then that is your opportunity to really sell it to the officer. Best of luck.
thank you gentlemen... the visit by CAFCASS I believe really went well, in the end she looked really impressive and wouldnt have thought a bloke would keep the house nice and tidy and presentable...thankfully that was my sunday effort. I believe what triggered this rather last minute home visit is the 5 page parenting plan I sent to CAFCASS plus my care history for the last 2 years, sent cafcass to a bit of whizz and wake up and take notice !

the officer went to every room, checked the facilities, number of bed rooms, shower room, bath room, kitchen, toys, 2 cot beds, bedding, even the clothes for the children..I went a step further to show the medicine and first aid box ! she was impressed with the wall paper work I had done in the nursery and living room. Created a little play area in the corner and book shelf. So i believe it went really well...

I also believe I will be out of contact center in a couple of weeks. Whilst all that was positive, the only thing that bothers me is where the officer says to quote her words 'the access will go too slow for one parent and too fast for the other parent initially' and that 'time has to play its part in making mother realise' ? no prize of guessing which parent is which that she was referring there. Whilst I'm glad I and children will be finally out of contact center, I'm bit nervous about this whole slow / fast thing !

I was told I will be emailed the copy of the section 7 on Wednesday, so will find out and update here. Thank you everyone.
I hope it goes well for you and you will get a good report from cafcass on Wednesday. My experience with cafcass was the officer already sided with the mother and was only doing ticking boxes exercise.
Glad it went well. I have to echo the above that they lure you into a false sense of security and appear to be your best friend until that report is done. The officer that visited me a few weeks ago didn’t even care to look around my property which surprised me somewhat. All I will say is whatever you don’t agree with stand your ground at court and don’t be bullied by cafcass, not trying to dampen your spirits but have your expectations grounded.

I had cafcass suggesting mothers 6 nights in 21 was very fair, I wanted 10 and refused to go lower than 9 and got it. Cafcass also aided with mum and tried to get a “spends time with order” again I explained my reasoning and got the lives with order. Don’t settle for second best so long as you can back up why it’s best for your children what you’ve proposed. Don’t rate cafcass at all and found all 3 officers I dealt with at court mother focused and totally rude. Good luck!
thanks dads, very sound advice...I will be cautiously optimistic and will be ready to go final hearing and be prepared to stand my ground ( I have asked for a clear cut 50-50 in my parenting plan). My next court hearing to go over section 7 is on next 3 weeks..apparently cafcass officer will be on holiday on the day of hearing, so I would be going without them but with the report. I feel both I and my children have finally arrived and this is our moment.

By the way I took Charlie's advice from other post and replaced the words from 'contact' and 'access' to 'care', I can tell you that makes helluva lot of difference to the make up of parenting plan Smile
Hopefully the report will go in your favour if cafcass won’t be present and that will make things easier without them trying to make you compromise all the time. Good luck and let us know how you get on!
Good luck! My house has never been cleaner then it was the day CAFCASS visited. I think I must have spent about a week on it beforehand!!

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