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b94-1 Notice of application for home rights notice

Summery: She hit the kids, i called police and social workers, police asked her to leave the property. Kids been living with me full time for a year and 4 months, living in the family home that is registered in my name (Mortgaged, i have 180K equity). She has not seen the kids for a year and only calls three times a week. Divorce is going through, but very slow.

I got a letter from Land Registry with a B94-1 Notice, it says that it entered notice of home rights under the family law act in favour of my ex. Do I need to do anything?
You need to speak to a solicitor, especially if she hasnt lived in the property for a year and 4 months. There must be a time limit to register an interest in the property.
Im guessing its her intention to stop you selling or transferring ownership of the house before the divorce is settled.

I would challenge it with the land registry for the sake of it, she must have proved an interest in the property somehow, if not or you can disprove it then they will overturn it.
Spoke to solicitor, apparently it was family home, so she is entitled, it can be removed once financial agreements/settlements are done.

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