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mother not responding to messages
If you receive communications that are abusive, upsetting or hurtful then this is harrassment basically (I am not sure but I think it's only harrassment if you don't respond to them. If you do respond it's classed as an argument). So keep the messages/print them out and if it doesn't settle down you could ask the Police to give her a formal warning for harrassment. That usually stops people. If she still carries on then she could actually be prosecuted for harrassment.

However, as the others say, it might risk your time with your child if you took action and she reacted vindictively. So it's weighing things up. Do you think she is drunk when she sends these abusive messages? Some people get like that after drinking and don't always remember either! My ex used to send some stinkers after she'd been drinking and when she lived on her own. I just ignored them knowing it was the booze - but still unpleasant to receive and can affect you if it is too much.

Your idea of going to mediation sounds more sensible - not a hostile move like a Police visit. If you google family mediation in your area you should come up with family mediators. But do keep records of any abusive messages in case you do need to contact the Police. I think once they are a certain period old and have stopped for a certain period of time, they don't count though.

So what got her so angry she never wanted anything to do with you. Was it a particular incident? Ok you answered that at the start. Would it be a possibility to gradually start sending the odd positive message - even if to do with the child? It can help things settle down. Not over friendly but pleasant tone eg - Jack had a really good swimming lesson this week-end - he'll be growing fins if he keeps this up. About next wed, I am fine with xyz. Regards you.

It can be hard to do after something really nasty but just pretend you're being like this with a complete stranger. It's a bit more than a BIFF email (brief, informative, formal, friendly) but not personal or too jolly. Keep that tone/way of writing in any of your communications and include a positive mini update about child. It does two things - it shows her you're not affected so she could stop bothering to be abusive (makes life easier) and it also looks good on paper as evidence if you ever do have problems seeing your son and need to go the court route or something.
I would try mediation .its around 100 pounds or try writing your ex an email to discuss it rather than in person

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