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Child Maintenance Calculator issues
So I'm having issues with the Calculator.  Did it this morning and got a figure.  I am in receipt of state pension.  The calculator has clearly been updated fairly recently as before, if you ticked you were getting state pension it came up with zero to pay.  But now it has an additional but asking for any other income (ie if you're earning as well) and it comes up with a figure based on that.  Went through all that on phone with CMO and they agreed the figure too and said if I wanted further assessment to call CMS.

However there seem to be two versions of the calculator still!  As when I tried to do it again I only got the version that says zero to pay and doesn't ask for other income!  And that's on the .gov website and the CMO website.  Something weird going on.

I know it was changed after a case when a wealthy man was pay £7 a week because he was in receipt of state pension but had other income too.  So that is the new/correct version that assesses earned income as well - but it seems to have disappeared.

Just to confuse the issue even more CMO haven't got a clue about all this.  I phoned them back to ask if I'm supposed to include the pension income in the figure of my earned income.  They said no, because it asks for "other income"  and pension has already been allowed for, but it doesn't it just asks for taxable income, and now the calculator has got that bit missing anyway!

I'll try again next week.  Looks like I'll have to go to CMS for assessment to get correct figure - which will still be less than I'm paying now.

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