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Crazy outlaw
Today I went to see my children in a contact centre ( due to false allegations I’m still there). My partner with her disabled child sat in the car whilst I was seeing my children. Crazy ex’s father came to my car started taking pictures of her, her child and the car. When my partner asked why he was taking pictures he swore at her and ran off. She was shaking and was shocked. Her daughter had a panic attack and was shaking too. Isn’t this crazy? What kind of animal do that kind of thing? The issue is my children live with this nasty man and there isn’t anyone who listen to my concern. This man is dangerous and crazy.
that is a narcissistic man. Might want to consider calling non-emergency police just to let them know as I think it is nothing short of an harassment. If it becomes a trend then Police will have a record.
It will be reported to the police. This is harassment. This pensioner goes around and takes pictures wherever I am with my partner. I am glad the relationship has ended. I am not sure why I didn’t see them through during 5 years relationship. The entire family are mental and should be sectioned.
Police for harassment (although do be aware harassment has to be on more than one occasion) just to log the incident, also make sure that contact centre are made aware as well as your solicitor (if you have one) if not you must mention this at the hearing. I would certainly be mentioning how intimidating your partner felt.
Thanks guys it has been reported to the police. He has done similar thing in the past and got away with it. How do I request a back ground check on him as my children live in his has and he is a violent person?
You can request a 'Subject Access disclosure' by filling in application online ( search online for ACRO Criminal Records Office).

There may be some constraints around who you can request it for, but the above would be the starting point.

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