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I've been going through hell on earth with my ex who bullies my daughter and manipulates her. I have some text message evidence between ex and daughter of manipulation of contact, slagging me and making out I'm the result of all of her stresses in life & the reason why she has a bad attitude towards her mother. Daughter is 12 and very scared of her mum and will do as her mum tells her, even if daughter is the one to suffer. It's getting to a point now where I am planning on taking ex back to court for failure to obtemper but do not want my daughter spoken to again because she is under so much pressure and has been spoken to by 4 different people in the last year (all with varying stories and wishes - classic sign of her being manipulated/confused tbh).

Daughter told me this weekend her mum sends her abusive snapchat messages about me or telling her what to do - daughter doesn't feel brave enough to tell anyone but me about this and I don't blame her. Problem is, there is a reason why my ex is sending messages by snapchat - they disappear and delete once daughter has read it. I was wondering if anyone knew anything about trying to recover these messages on my daughter's phone/snapchat account without her mother knowing? Spoke to daughter who is happy for me to get copies of these messages if I can to show anyone who can definitely help. Daughter doesn't actually want it going back to court as her mum goes ballistic and so she is petrified of having to speak to someone again. I've promised her I can try get this avoided if I can recover evidence of these messages on snapchat between her and her mum.

Btw, I'm in Scotland where the court system is even more backwards than the English system Sad
Yes, it is likely to be possible, but technically challenging. I will have a dig around to see what I can find for you.

First question - what type of phone does your daughter use, is it an Android or iPhone?
Thank you! It’s an iPhone. I know it’ll be difficult but just wanting to try my best to get the messages pulled to really show the court what ex is truly is.
Thank you. My daughter has already been spoken to and her “wishes and feelings” were taken into account but it was her mum speaking. She keeps being bullied by her mum and one thing my ex is truly talented at is manipulation and appearing all lovely. Over time, people realise how awful she is but unfortunately courts are only involved in a snapshot of life and don’t have time to fully see through her. They think she is lovely because she bought me a £6 aftershave for Christmas from my daughter... I’d rather just have a relationship with my daughter and stop being slagged off - it’s so easy to spend money and device people, not so much actually being a decent person.

I really hope something can be figured out with Snapchat because that’s where all the rubbish will be and will really help my case in demonstrating PA. PA is even more controversial in Scotland than England. I’m also potentially looking into psychologists if I get legal aid this time round (legal aid works differently up here). Irony is my current partner is training to be a child psychologist and it infuriates her seeing all the evidence I have on my ex but whatever comes out a 12 year old’s mouth is taken as gospel in spite of hard evidence.
the snaps disappear from your viewing, but they remain in the chat history.

not sure how you can get them

try this
Hi Tom, thanks for this but this method only displays the fact that messages are sent and received, not the actual content of the messages (if that makes sense).
Do you know if the messages have been sent as text, and do you have a backup of the iphone?

If so, this might help:

This is another app which may recover images: (scroll down to bottom for ios)

Both apps have free trials / money back guarantees so might be worth a go.
I don’t have a backup of the iPhone - ex controls all this. I’m going to test these out on my snapchat account as a dummy run and I’ll let you know how I get on. Ex would be sending through mainly text messages via the app and some photos.
If this is a regular occurence, what about giving your daughter something to take a photo of the screen with when your ex sends them (when she's with you)?  Like another camera / cameraphone?

How tech savvy is your ex?  Would she notice if you jailbroke the phone?  is one option.  There are risks to your ex finding out, of course, so you'd need to think about that.
My ex isn’t overly tech savvy but she will have my daughter’s iCloud backed up to her email. I don’t even know the login details for my daughter’s iCloud or iTunes account - neither does my daughter, only my ex does.

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