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Where are you?
Big Grin 
Thought it might be a good idea to start a thread about where we are. To get the ball rolling......

I'm in East Norfolk, NRP to an 8 year old who I see, when the ex decides to follow the order, every other weekend. Married and stepfather to my wife's two children who also have a decent relationship with their father.

Agewise I'll never see 40 again, so I'm a minefield of useless information.
Hi there, I am in Cheshire... I split with my ex 2 years ago and still get all sorts of grief. The separated dads website helped me a lot and I hope that this forum takes off. It made a big difference to me to see that I wasn't alone and that other dads had the same troubles.

I have three kids and am a non resident parent. It's getting much better though. It's true what they say about time and all that :-)

I will never see 50 again - so I am way ahead in terms of my ability to sprout off really useless information.
Hi. London. NRP to 2 kids (11 and 7). Worst divorce ever... except for yours :-)
Hi. Essex. Father of 4, NRP. Currently in the middle of a horrible complicated split and trying to find a way out of this nightmare.

Age wise - Mid 30s, no spring chicken but not quite past it yet!
Hi I'm Ben and I live between Cornwall ( England) and Germany where my lovely 4 year old Axel lives. And i'm new here. Hi all
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