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Help and suport needed please
my ex wife has a drinking problem she has drank a bottle of wine a night and more for the last 7 years she also spend 6 hours plus next door drinking with her friend who is a domestic abuse support worker i have been trying to slow down how much she drinks and the time next door drinking and i thought it was damaging her health and our family life.

on the 11/3/2016 she come home and was in the kitchen with her mum and i got the door when someone knocked it was the courts and i was being hit with non-molestation order, Occupation order, child arrangements and prohibited steps

she got these orders because i was controlling her and she said she is scared i have never raised a hand to a lady in my life even when i have been beaten up by them.

we have a 5 year old girl together who will be 6 on 9/4/2016 and i have not seen her since the day of the split, i am not getting any legal help because of the non-molestation and i am not allowed to contact my ex in any way or i will be arrested, all contact has to be done though her solicitor, i have sent 3 emails asking to see my daughter and had no reply from them, i also have social servers saying they want my daughter to see me on supervised visits for my own safety (so the ex can't say i did or said something) which i am fine with as long as i get to see her.
3 visits have been set up but the first one i could not make as i have just started a new job and it was in working hours with less than 24 hours notice the other 2 visits was 1 weeks notice and all fine but i ex canceled them 24 hours before the visit saying the kids was going away.

i have the child arrangements and prohibited steps hearing on the 15/4/2016 and i have no idea what i am doing or what i should be asking for all i know is what i want and that is to see my girl and if possible have her with me full time as i feel she is unsafe in the house.

i really need some help i have been put on anti depression tablets by the doctor and i can't carry on like this i want to see my little girl i have never gone a day without seeing her until this happened and ever where i turn i get turned down i am at rock bottom right now.

thank you for reading this
I am sorry to hear this. I assume you are self-litigating? I can only really advise that you educate yourself as much as you possibly can via our Separated Dads pages, all of which are designed to help you familiarise yourself with the family law procedure. Going into court blindly without knowing what you are doing will mean you are at an immediate disadvantage. The pages you should read in the first instance are: Legal Aid Withdrawal: How to Represent Yourself - Using a McKenzie Friend in Court - What Goes into the Cafcass Family Report? - Contact Orders: the Process - and as many others as you can read which may be useful. At the same time, don't let these articles scare you or put you off your application. The courts do want fathers to have a relationship with their children and are aware that certain parents can either stretch the truth or lie (remember, the judge has seen it all before) see ; Relationship Breakdown: 'Lies' About Behaviour . The best approach you can take is to talk to other fathers who may have been through similar issues, keep all the evidence you can of your ex letting you down, or her solicitor not responding to your emails. If you go into the family court process not knowing what you are doing, you will come out wishing you had made sure you had educated yourself more fully. Hopefully, other fathers who have been through this process will contribute to this thread and give you the extra personal advice you need. You are quite obviously missing your daughter, and this is the exact time you need to galvanise yourself, find some renewed confidence, not let this opportunity slip. You need to stand up for your right to see your daughter.
Further to SD's excellent advice above, I'd also like to add that the issue of not seeing your daughter for a few days will pail into insignificance if the ex really puts the boot in. It may look a bit bleak at the moment, but there will be an end to it eventually and if you're well prepared there is no reason why you can't have a decent relationship with your daughter.

You need to be strong, not only for yourself, but your daughter too.

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