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child told to keep secrets
Posting here because its kind of to do with new partners.
You'll see from the post below that a couple months ago I met the ex's new partner at sports day. Again, seems like a nice fella. So why the fuck is ex telling child [5] to keep him secret? I told child that I met new guy at sports day but child doesnt remember. Ive always been open about my partner, we're all at the same school so no secrets. Ive not asked child, its none of my business really but child catches themselves when they're about to say something so I asked outright "has mummy said you need to keep secrets" child answered yes. Had a little chat and agreed we dont keep secrets from mummy or daddy and there will never be trouble for talking or telling truth.

So why is ex doing that, knowing that Ive already met him? but more importantly, Im 50/50 trying to decide if I should text the ex and [diplomatically] tell her to wind it in with the silly games. It makes me not trust her even more [if thats possible] is she hiding something?

What do you think? text or just drop it. Its not healthy for child but is it really something I can do anything about, I cant force the ex to be sensible.

FFS always something
I'd drop it.

You can't do anything about what she's asking your child to do. Discuss as you already with your child have that there shouldn't be secrets but don't make a huge deal of it.

As soon as you send her a text to tell her to wind her neck in all that's going to happen is she's going to do it more.

My ex suddenly unblocked me on Whatsapp for no obvious reason other than to make sure I could see a picture of her and her bf together. A year ago I'd have seen red and made a big fuss about it. Now I honestly couldn't care less and it just smacks of desperation to try and get a reaction out of me. I sent her some photos of the kids and their sports day videos I took instead of reacting.

Women eh?! lol

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