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is there any help for men for fake allegations

I am trying to create list of agency around london or support network before storm comes to me.

As the moment i will send her legal letter confirming i want to separate she wants money she cant get it legally so she will put fake allegation like she done it in past.

i know whats coming my way so can anyone recommend any agency or any legal advice i can take before this matter goes in favor of Women without any evidence.

As my experience with police and social services they dont want to listen and take men as criminal without evidence. i am living in the same house and i fear for my and kids well being everyday.

Not sure where to start and how to start.
You say she has made false allegations before. Were these dismissed and is that recorded anywhere? Do you have a police record for anything at all? If not then Cafcass would not find anything on investigation if she did make allegations.

I don't know of any agencies that could help with something that might happen but hasn't happened yet. Usual advice is to keep a diary and notes. Do it by way of emails that you send to yourself, headed "Diary". They will be date marked as emails so have more credibility than something just typed or written on a piece of paper.

eg Diary note

Today ex name asked me to move out of the house and said if I didn't, she would say I had hit her and report me to the Police. I left the room to avoid this kind of dialogue. I have sent her an email suggesting we discuss all matters relating to the children and separation at mediation. I am unable to move out of the house just yet and also do not wish to separate until we have agreed arrangements for the children".

That kind of thing. Another day it could be "Came home and ex shouted at me in front of the children and said I was a criminal, which is not true."

So keep careful records, diaries and notes. Email everthing to yourself (change your email password if your ex knows it) and put all the emails together in a folder so you can print any out you need in future. This is some level of protection against allegations, particularly if it's on your email as you can access that anywhere via your phone. So if you did happen to be arrested you could show the Police your diary entries (Which are dated by the email service so clearly written in the past).

So - you haven't told her you want to separate yet. Sooner or later you will have to do that. Whatever you do, don't move out as then it could be a very long time before you get to see your kids. Usual advice is stay put until you have a court order for child arrangements.

It might be an idea, when you tell her you want to separate, to have someone else there as a witness. Some Dads recommend recording everything and having a recording device in the room for that reason.

Could you build up to it gradually by spending more time apart from her each day and doing more things on your own with the kids. Make excuses - she will soon start to want to talk about what's going on.

I am not up on divorce finances on separation. You might need to have a free half hour's legal advice.

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