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Variation Hearing
Standard service resumes.....

The ex relocated without providing specific details regarding her move.  I submitted an application for variation of the current order (has been in place for less than a year) as it was no longer workable due to her relocation.  It was a small change that I had asked for; current drop off every other weekend is Sunday evening, I asked for this to be converted to overnight so that I can drop the kids to school on Monday morning. 

Directions hearings come and gone, ex is not agreeing however, what amazes me is that she has requested a reduction in the time I have with the kids at the moment. 

Hearing has now become variation and enforcement due to number of breaches since initial order.

I have a strong S7 report from last year which dismisses DA allegations as their is no evidence, the safeguarding call with Cafcass took place a couple of months back, this underlines the S7 report and suggests no evidence as the ex now raised the same (DA and alcohol abuse) issues again. More importantly, it mentions "no safeguarding concerns"

What also amazes me is that I am the applicant here, if the ex had safeguarding concerns then she had the right to put that case forward to the court.  Secondly, not sure how you can raise safeguarding concerns and then let the father have the children for 3 x 1 week blocks over summer :-)

Anyway, full steam ahead for final hearing in early October.
Good luck with hearing. Does ex have a solicitor? That might explain a few things and might also explain why she is making allegations (to get a free solicitor).

Is it a final hearing in October? In view of her breaching and moving so soon after order was made you might want to ask for “lives with both” as well as the extra night.
Thanks - Yes, she has always been represented. Any underhanded tactics you can name, her solicitor has played them.

Final hearing in October, sorry forgot to mention in first post that the proposal is a shared lives with order as well. I have had no information provided on schools (apart from name), medical matters etc... and to be fair I have not persisted in asking however, this is because the case is still live and I am concerned that if I continue to ask then this opens me up to further allegations of harassment etc...

I am done with her endless false allegations and claims of me being a second rate father, she can say what she wants but as soon as I want to suggest something, it's the usual cliché - "your being aggressive". They have been trying to get reactions out of me as that is the only thing they can rely on as evidence, I have not been falling into these traps and now they are desperate. My witness statement has around 30 exhibits confirming her breaches, controlling and hostile behaviour, use of the children to deliver messages.

This time round it'll be the stands in front of a DJ and the ex having to explain her actions and her non-compliance with the order. It's good she is seeking support from her GP, Support Worker, Womens Refuge etc... however, as she is claiming it is down to me that she needs this support - it's now time for her to prove this.

Any further messing around in the future and I'll be going for residency; I'll be using the next hearing to put her on notice that this could happen in the future if she does not buck her ideas up and start to focus on the children.

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