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Judge cross examining mother
Hi. Have posted on here on behalf of my partner. Year and half now since he last saw his children. Three nights a week to nothing. Ex claims DV. No evidence. Alot of hearings had to be adjourned because she didn't turn up (claimed she was in labour etc due to being pregnant). Anyway this post is to basically ask if anyone has had experience with the judge cross examining the mother on behalf of the father. She is represented whilst he isn't. Fact finding hearing is scheduled for a couple of weeks time. Myself, his mam and him are going to be cross examined by her solicited wheras his will be done via the judge. He has sent his questions in relation to certain allegations etc to the judge. My question is... Her soliciter will be able to ask us questions... Then ask another question on receipt of our answer ( if you get me). What happens when the judge asks the question to the mother ...she then replies... is nothing else said regarding that question .. or will the judge quiz her abit more on the answer?? It seems a bit crap that her soliciter is going to be able too question our answers etc.. try to trip us up .. but the same isn't going to be done to her if the judge simply asks the one question and doesn't delve into her answer etc

Any experiences of this would be greatly appreciated.
I am not sure tbh. What I do know is you can expect her solicitor to do every dirty trick in the book. Hopefully the Judge will step in at various times.

Evidence is the key. Do you have any clear evidence of fabricated allegations, or proof of no police record etc?
Yep. No police records and allegations made like " I was so scared that I put a set of drawers infront of the door in case he came back home"... But then there's messages to him where she asks him to come home the same night etc ?

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