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Feeling frustrated
I feel down today as I took a phone call from my solicitor office regarding court hearing. I started the whole court process last August. There were few direction hearing and one prohibited steps order last year. We went to court in February this year after section 7 was filled by CAFCASS. There was no recommendation by CAFCASS as the officer suggested finding a fact hearing due to false allegations . Both parties agreed to this and judge made an order for it to be listed. It was listed for 6 month later which was frustrating. Then solicitors decided that one day isn’t enough so they asked for 2 days hearing. As a result August hearing was cancelled . Today I was told that it may be listed in December. I went very angry with my solicitor as I don’t think I have been listened to.
I am seeing my children in a contact centre 2 hours a week since last October. I have to wait such a long time to prove my ex is a liar.
that is very frustrating my friend, I know the feeling...4 months on finding of fact hearing, I'm still waiting for the date for final hearing. If I were you, perhaps I would bypass the solicitor and reach out to the court staff/judge directly with a one pager to urge expedited hearing than in December. Tell them the main reason being children and contact center isn't good for can make up one or 2 solid reasons and put it directly in front of the judge handling the case.
I don't trust solicitors one bit when it comes to them understanding the emotional side of the father. They only know you are a good father but they want to be in business too !
Those timescales are appalling.  I agree with SeanS, contact the court directly.  I looked at the Families Need Fathers website a while back and I seem to remember it advised that fathers should represent themselves. 

It’s all about jumping through the hoops – but surely if it’s all supposed to be in the child’s best interest then the quicker those hoops are presented ...
Thanks SeanS & Kate. I contacted the court previously and was told that I need to contact them via my solicitor as I am represented. The didn’t want to talk to me. I am planning to write to my MP about this situation. My solicitor is writing another strong letter to the court explaining the situation.

Today I had an email from solicitor saying contact centre contact will be cancelled tomorrow as both children are ill. Ex had asked contact centre if she can bring them on Sunday. I was suspicious if children are ill how come she had time to write to her solicitor to let me know they will be ill on Saturday?
She breached previously and there was no consequences and she is doing it again. Last time it was short break for the children and it turned out to be a day out as it was her birthday. I know it was her grandma’s birthday yesterday and they are planning to go and see her up in north. I am tempted to go and take pictures of her and show to the court what a liar she is. What will the court do?
DO NOT DO THAT. You will open yourself up for a can of worms.
Harassment, stalking, intimidation etc.. NEVER follow your ex.
They will think its worse that you followed her than her lying and you need to show court you want whats best for kids instead of mudlsinign with ur ex.

If she is offering to change the session for Sunday she isn't breaching. there needs to be some human flexibility and understanding sometimes even if the order says otherwise and unfortunately children being ill is a sound excuse, lie or not. She prob is lying about them being ill, but if she still allows you the same amount of contact then youre not missing out on contact time and it wont be a breach. Id say reply to the email briefly and politely accepting the Sunday contact session, and you will be seen as reasonable and putting children first instead of focusing on proving ex is lying.

Then focus your energy on getting back into court sooner than December instead. As longterm u need that contact order to stop her. Get ur solicitor to write to the court and write to your MP. Then be patient and wait. thats all u can do now. I really hope u get a sooner date thats terrible though I feel for you. Ive had a hell year too with no contact for 5 months , then supervised by stepdad for 2 hours weekly!, just because ex didnt care to follow the order, so believe me I know the system is not fair and it sucks, but you need to go through the right channels. As a dad u need to be super perfect u cannot afford a slip up of getting a non molestation order against you for following her. Be strong
Thanks Tiger. I wont be doing this as much as I'd love to show the court what a liar she is. It is actually her via her dad who stalks me and taking pictures of me and my partner where he sees us. I have asked my solicitor to wrote second letter to court to ask if the can list this matter urgently. I will write to my MP to complain about the system and how broke it is. A woman takes you children away makes up false allegations by the time you prove she is wrong it is 2 years down the line and children suffered more.

I'm not trying to be bitter here but ex is diagnosed with type of blood cancer and have been going through treatments. At first I cared for her but now I dont. I hope I get full custody I asked court to bring up my children and are for them.
I hear you mate. And I wouldn't feel sorry for my ex either honestly I think its karma ! I hope u can get ur kids.

Jesus he sounds mental. I hope you've report him to police for harassment? They wont do anything but it leaves a paper trail. Keep logging it every time he follows u guys.
Yes I have reported him. He is Psyco and control freak. Everything started because of him trying to take revenge as I through him and his wife out of my house. He insulted me in my own house and and shouted at my children etc. Before he left the house he told me that this is going to be expensive for you. Guess what 3 months late everything kicked off.

I am glad it happened sooner rather than later as this was their true face . Nasty bunch of people. I think it is karma too. I hope they get what they deserve
Sounds like a bunch of bitter miserable people thats only focus is ruining your life because they hate their own. Such a waste.. You know the best revenge? Getting the kids! Not answering to any of their lowblows (which is what they want so it looks like you are the same rubbish like them) staying child focused and get the kids. Nothing will hurt them more and be more just! No need for more as life will take care of th rest. Stay strong! And keep us posted when u hear back from courts

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