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Can I request Court to modify instructions?
At my first Hearing the judge didn't read my application where there was very limited information.
My ex' position statement was 4pages instead of 2, full of lies and the judge believed it.

Next Hearing will only rely on Cafcass report as the order doesn't mention any statement.
I have a lot of evidence to be looked at and present to the judge.
I will present these evidences to Cafcass, but I believe that the judge sees them herself as well and hear my own version on top of Cafcass report.

Can I write back to Court and say that I have a lot of evidence to consider and request to give permission for a statement of 6pages at next hearing?

Or I have no choice but waiting for next hearing and say that I have evidences to consider? Which would be at a further hearing?
What is your next hearing . Is it a final hearing ?
Do they always say "final hearing" when it's the final hearing?

It will be the hearing after the Cafcass report. And we will review some direction on a PSO as well.

I understood that I could bring witnesses if there is another hearing but it's not guaranteed there will be another hearing.

Also, my witness is relevant on the child arrangement matter but I am not allowed to bring it for the next hearing. So there is a possibility that there will be an order on child arrangement without considering my witness (other than through Cafcass).
Final hearing is also called Contested hearing. At that hearing you can write a full statement and present evidence with it. The statement is your evidence basically, your argument and your facts etc, and the evidence is attached to it as exhibits, so the evidence backs up the points stated in the statement.

So you need to know what kind of hearing it is. At any hearing though, you can submit a position statement. A shorter thing updating the position or asking for something.

Are Cafcass doing a section 7? If so it might be there is another directions hearing before final hearing. What does it say on the court papers about the hearing?

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