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Urgent Hearing
Hi dads, 

I have filed an urgent hearing in court. My argument is that:

The kids have very low attendance in school which is affecting them and the headteacher is also concerned. Headteacher tried to get a meeting with ex and me. Ex did not respond, she said she was too busy working. 

Their report is very bad too. They are extremely behind, I know that this is due to mum not really being there to teach them things.

They are constantly left with different people to pick them up. Many times they are not given money are the bare minimum to meet the kids' needs. 

Mum works full-time now, she really isn't there for the kids as much as she uses too. 

Is this a strong argument for court? After speaking to a lawyer they said it is strong enough. But I wanted to hear other father's opinions.
I realise this may pointless asking but have you tried to speak to Mum? offered help, suggested your plan to improve things?

If she is unresponsive then hell yeah, take it to court, but what are you asking the court to do, live with you?
A big part of the welfare checklist is education and if the situation is dire then its grounds for emergency hearing. Better grounds than an impending holiday if you ask me.
If you take the form to the court and ask to speak to a judge you should be able to squeeze it through as emergency but they will insist on a "with notice" hearing and it might take some serious effort on your part.

Expect the ex to do the poor single Mum routine.
What contact do you have at moment? I would be arranging a meeting with school to at least get your side across , you dont want school blaming you for poor attendance . I would meet headteacher yourself as you arent with ex anymore . Do not however run your ex down but make it all about children. U need to talk to ex regarding children and mediation needs to be attempted before a court application is made.

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