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On and on and on...
So three years after getting separated, two years since buying her out and over a year since my divorce, the old family home is sold, I've moved out. Although they are linked, I'm finding moving-on way more stressful than separation and divorce. I managed to (mostly) avoid solicitors during the divorce but on the basis that I have to use them to buy and sell property I'm not impressed. Currently living out of a case and sofa surfing while the solicitors argue the toss about the finer detail of indemnity policies for boilers and windows.

Two lessons: the pain from divorce and separation feels never ending, and I'm never moving house ever again, once I get the keys to a new place I'm staying there forever...
Hang in there. You will be settled somewhere again. Right now try and pretend it's a holiday - it helps.
It's a shitty time to be buying and selling houses, Sandman. Certainly where I live anyway. So hang in there and remind yourself that it'll all be worth it. Mine fell through twice so I decided i needed certainty and agreed a buy-out figure with my ex. My solicitor told me it could be done in a month. 10 weeks later and I'm finally making some progress. 10 weeks! And now I'm wishing I could just sell it and have a fresh start.

I wish you well. If you've definitely sold and it's all just taking time to go through then you'll be ok. Keep us posted though. There's much I can learn from you, I'm sure.
Sandman, remind me... do you have kids with your ex? Where are they living?

My buyout took a step forward this week. Could be 3-4 weeks away now.
Hi Fatcat - That's good news for the buyout, I have one daughter aged 16 who normally stays with me, currently staying with her mother, she isn't enjoying it so another reason I need to get a roof over my head soon. The on-going ramifications of my ex-wife's infidelity... On the other hand I've plenty to be grateful for, I do have an end in sight, and my daughter is now old enough and sensible enough to make her own decisions, I've still had it easy compared to some of the guys here who have false allegations made against them and end up estranged from their kids.

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