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False Allegations

I'll cut to the chase. My ex would pick fights with me all the time after we seperated. It was doing me psychological damage. In April this year, I took a step back from seeing my son, just to take stock of the situation, sort my head out, still do weekly facetimes, child maintenance and so on...

A few weeks ago, I emailed my ex, talking about re-establishing contact with our son on a consistent schedule and having him over to mine for a full weekend once a month. She got back to me telling me she has 'safeguarding concerns' and that I need to see him via a contact centre first until she's happy that I can take him for full weekends.

Just to be clear, I have never abused anyone or anything in my life. She was so vague about her 'safeguarding concerns', I'm scared to even ask her to elaborate in case she comes out with some A grade bullshit that could hurt my chances of seeing our son again.

I need to know what my rights are as his legal dad and how much say she realistically has over how and when I get to see him, seeing as she is his primary caregiver.

Any help guys would be appreciated!
If ex won't agree to regular contact you will need to apply for a Child Arrangement Order. You must try mediation first but by the sounds of it expect a list of allegations made against you. Get as much evidence as you can ready i.e. text messages and emails.

Be very careful from now on what you send yourself. If ex messages you my advice is to read message, write a reply but don't send it no matter how angry you may feel. Wait 30 mins then go back and rewrite message before you send it.

Any message you send can, and usually will be used agaist you.

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