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Christmas holiday stress
Can the Christmas holidays for 2019 go through as part of an interim order if the overall court process is going to drag pass December?
If you have an interim hearing before December then by all means ask for Christmas holidays to be included in an interim order. My experience of an interim order was that although all dates, times and holidays were written out they were actually jus “agreed” rather than ordered and so ex just didn’t stick to them. But then that is evidence for final hearing about how she behaved in the interim period.
Got a lovely email from my ex saying she is taking my 7 year old daughter to Australia for Christmas for nearly a month. Totally gutted as I was hoping this year I would have my little one on Christmas Eve night for the first time. She opened the email by stating she had told my daughter who’s super excited without even telling me beforehand . The lack of respect is unreal. Dreading this Christmas
Hmmmm Froggy, the disregard would be unbelievable to most - unfortunately we all know it’s bloody real
Do you have a court order froggy? My ex used to do this - maximum time abroad as resident parent can go abroad for up to a month! So they go for a month. If not I think you need one.
Just sent mine across, let the mayhem begin! I’ve accommodated 3 days she wanted so I have a bit of leverage if she starts picking fault.

Edit : surprisingly got them sorted with barely any issue. Don’t have to worry about any holidays until easter now, we’ve sorted oct and feb half term.

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