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Medical issues I know nothing of!

I've received a completely out of the blue email regarding my DD (11) saying she has been diagnosed with ADHD and is to take medication for it.  I have fired a letter off to the school asking for a copy of everything  (2+ weeks later so far nothing except after chasing they have confirmed they have received it), and EW after 3!! emails of asking has given me the email address of the consultant that they have seen and gave diagnosis.  

Yesterday I received in the post copy notes and a letter from the consultant, and I am so shocked and saddened to read the issues my EW has reported to have had with DD.  Even scarily, there is not one iota of that behaviour described that I see in my home: we have no half hour screaming tantrums (infact my wife and I are struggling to even recall a single tantrum in the last 10 yrs!).  She sleeps well here and is well-rested in the mornings, was not a nightmare toddler, we have no issues with going out to eat as a family or oddities regarding food, infact we don't find we can identify with any symptoms described on the NHS website.  

My poor daughter arrived here Friday with pupils like saucepans from her tablets, although has said she doesn't want to take the tablets here as she  thinks she doesn't have ADHD when she is at our house  Huh so we have had our usual weekend with no dramas, although I suspect EW will be kicking off tomorrow when she finds out DD hasn't been medicated each morning.   

I do have a solicitors appointment tomorrow to find out where I stand legally and demanding I should be kept informed well before we got to diagnosis stage - I'm shocked they can even diagnose correctly when they don't have the whole picture regarding her typical behaviours and tbh fully suspect it is attention seeking behaviour (she is middle child at her mums) bearing in mind  this week I was also told by his school my eldest also has anxiety issues and is seeing a counsellor to try and get him to school every day each week, has been regularly missing 1 day a week and has even had to attend sleep lessons to help him   Angry Cry

I'm not actually clear on the law here, what I need to be asking a solicitor to do, what they can actually do for me but am now very very worried I seem to have two children with "problems", neither have these "problems" when with me (bearing in mind we have just done a half of summer school holidays in one block so surely at some point I would see the same behaviours as EW says she has or can kids really hide it for 3 weeks??)  

I am now angry too, angry that I have let my children down and want to make sure I do everything possible to get this sorted, I need them to grow up into the best adults they can be, and I am now at the point of whatever it takes I will be doing!

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