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school issues
I was in a similar situation but children were at primary school and nursery. I sent 2 emails to both school and nursery introducing myself with comply of my passport. I wanted to be involved in children education. I set out in my email. I had email from nursery and was told they are happy to send me report etc but I need to ask them. I had maybe one or two reports in total. Also one from school nothing else. I did ask to be invited in parent evening and also anything to do with children but all have been ignored.
I waited till I had fact finding hearing. Obviously ex had poisoned the school and nursery about me and all nonsense DV etc. They took side with her and did not follow DOE policy to treat both parents the same. However, after wining fact finding hearing, I asked my solicitor to send 2 letters to nursery and school and remind them of my rights and parental responsibility. They came back saying we didn’t have up to date contact details which is BS so I concatenation them with the same email address. So now I am being invited to parents evening, getting newsletters, school photos etc.
If you can get a letter sent out by a solicitor that did the trick in my case.
Good luck
thanks sb for reply. sorry for ur troubles as well. Did u have Governors Panel hearing?
I had mine recently. Awaiting the report to come back. I feel the indepentant chairperson was fair and the school principle was on the ropes. Very obvious evidence of bias and wrong doing.
Some one else in here said "we really need to do more about this"
dads exercise ur rights
No I didn’t go as far as that. I had a meeting with headteacher where he basically defended his actions. Then I waited for fact finding and solicitor letter did the job. Now they have registered me with their ParentMail app. I am now receiving all reports, parents evening dates, school photos etc.
I think you should wait for the outcome if it doesn’t give you what you want then I would speak to a solicitor.
hi all
i got the report back from the LGP . 2 points were upheld. 2 points were not. I was not happy with this outcome so appealed the discision. Ever thou in their report they make it sound very complicated. Went ahead anyway. Very glad i did. The investigation uncovered a lot i didnt know. Totally corrupt panel. I have been granted another hearing. New members sitting. And independant observer fron United Learning. Happy
dont accept bend schools , dads
I haven’t had any problem with secondary school (just with ex!). But I wrote to them before son started introducing myself and enclosed a copy of the court order. I did have to chase for the initial information pack which only got sent to ex but after that the info pack contained details of how to register for parent app.

So everything is via this app which is good so you get all emails and letters abd info etc - it’s all out in the app. I again had to chase up (email reception) to get login details to register for the app. But once registered it is exclusive to me - my account. So I can see everything about son, book appointments for parent evenings etc and ex can’t see what I do - she will have a separate account. Both of us can see any info about son though.

It was ParentMail but they changed to a different one last year which isn’t as good. Much better than paper though.

Do you have a court order? I am assuming that the info that everything has to be informed to Mother came from your ex. This is one reason it is good to have a “lives with both parents “ shared care order because then she can’t pull rank as a primary carer.

I take it there are no nmo’s or anything. You could ignore it or you could write a polite formal letter marked private and confidential abd saying you have equal parental responsibility, which includes all educational matters abd request to be forwarded all copies of reports, newsletters and other information for parents Z. That unfortunately communication between you and Mrs Ex is difficult so you request both parents are notified separately and that communications are private and confidential. You are happy to receive everything by email at the above email address if that is easier.

When I first had to do this I enclosed a letter from a solicitor confirming I had equal parental responsibility. It was short and only cost about £30. But that was when I didn’t have a court order. If you have a court order you could enclose that.

That then puts them in the position of having conflicting requests. Ex will push the primary carer thing but if you prove PR formally they have to provide you with info. If you feel strongly about that note on the file you could apply for variation abd ask for a clause in the order stating both parents to be informed on educational matters, separately abd confidentially. Then send that to school abd order overrides ex. Better still apply for “lives with both parents” but you’d need good grounds (eg preventing contact or lots of breaches).

I have to say secondary schools are not that communicative and I had to do a lot of groundwork- read their website, email the reception to ask for info etc.
thank you charlie for replying. I only had an order for contact. Turned out the ex went into school on day 1 and said i was on a mol order and must not be contacted. And gods knows what else. School swallowed all this and followed her orders. Only after the second govenor hearing ,the truth came out. United Learning ruled in my favour. Critised the school but i dont know how far they will take it.
I wish to go further. Report 2 teachers for gross misconduct and sue the school for breach of GDPR. Anyone else done this?

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