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I have a second final hearing on 30fh October. Just recieved my exes statement and she has quoted the transcript from our previous hearing but I've not seen that and she's refusing to include it in the bundle. How do I get her to include it in the bundle and how do I get a copy of it?

I haven't got legal advice so I'm stuck.
You can send for your own transcript but it can take a while to come. Mine has taken about 3 months. Assume you can remember how that hearing went and what she might want to use from it that she thinks will help her case.
I know the parts she wants to use, but can't access the parts that debunk it.
Ah yes. Is it a transcription of a Judgement or of a whole hearing? If she is going to quote from it but not submit it as actual evidence in the bundle then her quote isn't evidence as not backed up by the document. I would just address it in your own statement with something like Mrs Ex is claiming xxyz which she says is from the transcript of the hearing of x date. I do not have a copy of the transcript, but her quotation is taken out of context as later in the hearing it was stated that abc.

What was the outcome of that hearing? Was there an actual "Judgement" at the end? ie a short sort of pronouncement by the Judge summing everything up and reaching conclusions? I think if she just attaches one page of a transcript without the whole thing it will not be taken as evidence - it could be a quote from her own legal team rather than the Judge, so would then clearly be biased.
anything as important as judgement transcript and especially if it being used as an evidence, you can always claim for a copy and ask to be included in the court can offer to pay half the charges incurred to obtain the transcript ( trying to play fair game)

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