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Filing Position Statement
Hi All,

I have a 2nd hearing for FHDRA next week. In the order, it was stated that various documents were to be filed and served by me on specific dates. However, in regard to the position statements, it is slightly ambiguous. The wording is:

Both parties to file and serve short position statements setting out progress and proposals of the future.

My question is, would it be acceptable to file and serve on the day? My reason for asking is that in the past I have filed and served in good time. The ex then rolls up on the day, having had the advantage to respond to my statement and hands me 3 pages of new allegations which I have no chance to consider. The Judge has never told the ex that this is inappropriate. 

I don't want to delay proceedings on the day, but if I follow the wording of the order i don't believe I am doing anything wrong!?

Any advice greatly appreciated!

There was a similar query on the forum recently.  You might find the responses to that helpful.

I just found this information on the Child Law Advice website. Others may find it useful too.

How do I submit my position statement?
Although it is recommended that you submit the position statement to the Court and other party well in advance of the court hearing, in practice there should be no issue with submitting it on the day of the court hearing to the Court Usher and also to the other party.

The purpose of providing a copy to the other side is to see whether an agreement can be reached prior to going into the court hearing.

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