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First indirect letter
Hello guys
I been ordered indirect contact to send card or letter what should put on the card not seen the kids for 3 year children age are 3 4 6 thanks
Im not sure if there are any rules about this sort of thing. But Id be inclined to be a bit more visual than written. Maybe do some drawings or pictures of what youve been doing recently. Oh, how about getting some letter stickers and doing hand drawn outlines for the kids to fit the stickers in, it could spell I love you or their names, or something like that. Take yourself to Hobbycraft, I guess Im saying a little bit of personal effort goes a country mile more than a generic forced written letter.

Congrats on starting the road buddy, make sure you take a copy of the letters and keep them, depending on how things are with your ex the kids may not see them so it would be nice to show them the letters one day.
Thanks for reply I send card just asked how you doing at school
What do you watching on tv
How are you
That's all I sent hopefully that help not seen them for 2.5 years.
I would add that you love them always and tell them a bit about something interesting you've done recently - eg visiting relatives or some hobby they know you have.
Send a stamped, self addressed envelope, with paper and a pen - and ask them to write back.

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