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Today visit
Hi Marwood. Tried to PM you but your message box is full :-)
Today my son told me that the whole family spank him. He said his grandmother spanked him so hard and it hurts. His mum also does hits him too. His own word was she squeezes me so hard when she is angry. I tried to raise this with contact centre manager but she said your son didn't say anything to me and there isn't anything I can do. I feel nobody is listening to me. I feel sorry for my child that is being abused and I am helpless. Ex and her family gets away from it they sound push and well spoken of course they dont do these things and I am making this up.
Get social services involved if you have those concerns, contact centres won't do bugger all.
sorry for your troubles. It is very distressing. BUT, personally I would pick my battles. Maybe think long term
I have reported this to social services and the police fingers crossed they will do something about it .

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