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Today visit
I went to see my children at contact centre today. First thing I noticed was there were scratches and bruises on my eldest neck ( he is 5). I took a picture . We carried away and played for 2 hours. When I got home I showed the picture to my partner and she immediately said it was sign of nail scratched. So it is possible that my ex hit my son. I spoke to a friend who is a police officer and was told to report it to the police and ask for a welfare check. My son was quiet happy and he played with his toys that I had got him. He might be frightened of his mum. Any advice what I should do?
Spent 1.30 minutes on the phone with the police and was told to call social services. Rang social services and explained the situation. I was told that they would ring the mother to ask what had happened. This is crazy. Of course mother will tell them everything is okay. What a crazy system.
Absolutely a crazy system. I had something similar when I contacted social services.

Ring them back and ask them to talk to your son in school before speaking to the Mother. I tried that. They didn’t in the end because ex told them about the legal situation, claimed it was harassment and it got put down to arguing parents. Which is common I think with separated parents - harder to be believed as they think it’s all getting at the other parent.
It it was other way around I would have been attested and child would have been taken away from me.
I am planning to go to school and raise this with them. Any thoughts ?
I would not be going to school to report it. They would at most only ring social services as well. It could look like you are causing problems which will make things between you and your ex more hostile
There is no communication between us. All I heard from her was no end of falls allegations. I am waiting for fact finding hearing date. I need to to the school. Ex lives an hour away so I can’t just pop over anyway. My concern is ex painted this picture of me to the school and they will just ignore me without seeing me. Social service told m that they believed the mother story and won’t act on my report which is frustrating. She also said if tee were concerns school would have auctioned it. They thing is ex is very convincing liar and people will believe her. I told her that if anything happens to my child I would take them to the court.
You haha be done all you can and it will be on record that there are concerns.

You will need to accept their finding now but if anything else happens, contact them again.
Interesting when I saw my son at contact centre first thing he told me was "mummy didn't hurt me. I think it was my little brother. So that definitely proved to me that horrible ex and her family doing something to that child. I am planning a meeting with his school to bring this to their attention so they are extra cautious with the child. And also introduce myself to them.
We have a Family Liasion Officer in youngests primary school - have a look on your school website to see if the do similar
I would ask the school to look into it - although they will report it to SS, SS take more notice of reports from schools than separated parents.

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