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all this again, my fault dreading it
hello guys some will no my story and thankyou all who have given advice, however the thing is as of now, i have no contact with my little one, much to my exs delight no dought. so after 8ish months ive wrote ex a letter saying that,,,, nicely,, that id like to see littleone again,, questions are im not holding out with her what so ever,, as its her that put me here really,,, anyway if no reply do i sort out mediation,, dose this cost me again,, ex didnt turn up last time,, because alligations of abuse,, seems very like ive been abused,, really never leaves ya,, for a moment, so then to court again i pay??? and again i get same really shit,, cao,,?? anybody here please advive,, thankyou
If mediation signed it last time because she didnt turn up you can apply straight to family courts . You will need to fill a c100 in
thanks warwickshire,,, so your saying???? ive no need to go, to mediation again,, yes mediation signed it off last time,, so then , i apply to courts again, how long should i give her to reply,,,to my letter befor i apply thanks again mate
A signed c100 from a mediator only last 3 months I think. After that you have to do it again.

just checked, its 4 months.
Thanks for checking that. I never knew of it was 3 or 4 months.
Dont wait for her to reply to letter. If its under 4 months straight to court and get c100 and fill it out including document saying you already attempted mediation

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