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medical records advice
Just a heads up on a mistake Ive recently realised I made. I used a template [maybe from this site, not sure]
Anyway the letter stated parental responsibility blah blah and could I have a copy of medical record. It also requested that my details be entered onto the medical record. Its only sometime after this that I found out my ex had put someone elses info as secondary contact. But the doctor altered it accordingly, and then printed and sent it to me therefore destroying [effectively] the evidence.

Advice, just ask for the medical record first in its current format, after you receive it, go back to the doctor to have the information changed.
Good tip :-) Annoying about losing that bit of evidence.
Charlie youre a head boy on this site, can you change templates? ive just checked the template on separated dads and it does ask for a copy along with asking for details to be changed. Is it worth changing that?
I’ll check that out but think it needs to be done by admin.

I had a look at the letter template and can’t see a bit that’s an issue? It says to add you as a contact - that’s I can see. If the GP has removed another contact to add you that sounds like they decided that maybe.
Yeah thats what happened, someone else had been added as secondary emergency contact. The doctor removed it and added father but it didnt state who the previous contact was. [I know now it was the sister.
I don’t think court would see that as particularly strong evidence although it adds to the picture. Could you possibly just write them a letter thanking them for updating the records and asking them to please confirm who was the prior person listed as a secondary emergency contact as you need this information for an upcoming court hearing.

They might write back and say yes it was x person. Or they might shy away. Might be worth a try.
hi were do i find the template on here is it???????
It’s on the main website rather than the forum. If you google separated dads letter templates the link should come up to that section of the website.
thanks naive thats great advice. im going to contact my childs gp now, was going to ask to get on the records but will hold of and see if ex has put her partner instead. cheers!
very gd post. many thanks lads. Had trouble with ex recruiting our gp in the past. will ask for records soon

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