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copies of court paperwork
Can't seem to find it trawling through - how does one go about getting copy of position statements submitted and transcript of court proceedings for CAO?  Is that possible??  I've just gone through all my paperwork and realised I have never seen EW's position statements in the 2 different times we went to Childrens Court (can onlu assume she bought with her on day and I wasn't privy or didn't do one?) .  First CAO was done in 2014 and the other in 2017 so not sure if I am too late?  Need to be as armed as possible for "round3" as am going for 50/50 this time and not backing down unless am told to by a judge
To get a transcript you need a form from the court. Fill it in with date and approx time of hearing, names etc. They should also give you a list of transcription companies to choose from. Ring one of them first for a quote and check it’s ok. Then put that company’s name on the form then send the form back to the court (or take it in) takes a couple of weeks to be processed then it’s sent to transcription company along with the tape. You’ll have selected on the form how quick service you want from transcription company - eg 48 hours, 2 weeks etc. I’d go 48 hours - not much price difference and the court side can be delayed. You also have to say if you want the whole hearing, or just the judgement or the hearing without the judgement. If it includes the judgement it takes longer as has to go back to court to be approved as correct by the Judge. If you don’t remember there being much of a judgement (ie judge summing up at the end) or it wasn’t particularly significant, then you could just ask for the hearing without the judgement which would be quicker.

To see old position statement - if you used a solicitor or barrister last time they should have a copy of any court papers from the day.

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