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Secondary School Choice
That helps. So in that case neither can decide on the secondary school without the agreement of the other. If no agreement then it needs a specific issues order to decide it. Any luck with getting a MIAM? I think if it becomes really urgent you can apply for specific issues without mediation first but it really helps if you've had a MIAM.
MIAM booked, so will see what happens but i just can not see a court supporting the children going to a school where it becomes impossible for them to get to from my house as well as in a completely different area away from their established area with friends and family they have grown up with.
Except - ex will argue it is a better school and they should spend less time with you! Specific issues order is good though. No cafcass usually if its an urgent one - and if the one issue gets sorted then it's not like a full variation hearing where the schedule gets changed as well. Education is one of the prime things and they will sometimes put a better school over a parental schedule - if the Mother argues for it. Is there much difference in the school ratings?

So if ex lives a distance from the school - how does she manage at the moment? Surely it would be the same.
She drives along one single main round and drops both kdos to same primary school. If they go to high school here then still same journey for her. For me though it would mean having to drive 10miles in wrong direction for one child then back again to drop youngest at primary school then same in the afternoon.

Plus she works 4 on 4 off and I have to help her get kids to school regularly so it would be logistically impossible. Ratings do differ but plenty of kids do well at the local school and it is improving considerably.
Thing is if the school she wants is outstanding that might go her way. One option is to get the school transport for your Home as Mark R suggested earlier. But if she argues against that and has the child benefits then they would probably give her the free transport. Local education authorities are a nightmare to deal with because they will only deal with one parent and only accept one application. They are archaic when it comes to separated parents.

Are the two schools under the same LEA or not? Is it this September they start and has a place been offered at either school?
different LEA and i have always been the one to apply for the school places and from the address i reside at currently. everything is currently registered to my address when it comes to the kids...

it was the ex who moved away for her own reasons, the kids have nothing where she lives. no friends, clubs, or anything. everything is based in the town i live in.

so for me it is about taking balanced holistic view...for me it is if it works today why change it where it means the children will be even more stressed with longer school trips, early mornings, later evenings etc...
Absolutely. But if there is no court order saying where they live and ex gets all the child benefits that would be classed as their “main” home - because she receives the child benefits. If there‘a no agreement on the school then you could have both applied for a place with different LEA’s. Is it for this September? She isn’t likely to apply for specific issues order - she is more likely to just tell them they are going to that school and do it. Once they’ve started it would not be likely they’d change it.

Do you think she would go to mediation? Or is there a compromise school you could both agree on?

Do you reckon she would agree to you having the free school transport if you gave way on this?

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