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Psychology Report
Hi All,

Does anyone have any experience with a psychology report in their case? I need an expert involved in my case as I don't believe CAFCASS have the experience to identify the issues with my ex. They've highlighted that they believe there is Parental Alienation but they aren't doing anything about it.

How can a request an expert report through the courts?

I believe a child psychologist cost at least a few thousand pounds and unlikely courts will order one. You would be footing bill
(10-06-2019, 09:22 PM)warwickshire1 Wrote: I believe a child psychologist cost at least a few thousand pounds and unlikely courts will order one. You would be footing bill

Thanks Warwickshire. I thought as much. The problem I have is that CAFCASS are using her mental health as a reason for my kids not seeing me. They've said she is the main carer and it would tip her over the edge if the girls had to see me. I believe she's manipulating CAFCASS and knows exactly what to say to them to stop me from seeing the kids.
You have to do it at a hearing. Possibly in a position statement - and ask the court to order psychologists reports on both parents.
Sounds like something we are possibly going to go through - ex says son is incapable but I think she is more worried he is quite capable. Even though judge ordered son could take child to a playgroup and there was to be no nappy changing business beforehand. Ex was also told not to step inside the room. She remained outside the whole hour. She asked if she could stay 5 mins inside before the group started a day or so later. We said no. Strangely, they were not well enough to attend the following week grrr disrupting contact once again.
Anyone in their right mind would take the opportunity in that hour to go and have a coffee or browse in peace and quiet. She can't let go and has to be in control. We are to have a child court officer appointed and the next review is 17th. An hour and she begrudges the child's father every minute of it.

Surely in your case SF79 someone who states if the children see their Dad it would tip them over the edge has a mental health issue which needs dealt with. You and the girls are being held to ransom and is another way of alienating Dad out of the picture. If anything, more contact should be given to Dad while Mum sorts her issues out with a professional body.
Thanks Guys. I've been 2.5 years into this process and I've jumped through every hoop I can to see my kids. The ex knows exactly what she is doing and she's constantly manipulating things. I strongly believe CAFCASS know what she is doing also but they're ineffective in enforcing contact. I've wasted 10s of thousands on a court process which isn't fit for purpose and I'm not sure where to go next. They've even highlighted alienation but won't do anything about it.

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