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GP Surgery Details
The ex has relocated recently to over 50 miles away in an attempt to obstruct my time with the kids.  I have played the same game and relocated so to thwart her argument of wanting to reduce contact due to excessive travel for the kids. 

However, she is now refusing to disclose the GP details of where the kids are registered.  I have explained to her that I need this information in case the kids are unwell whilst in my care, she has refused to respond back to me on this. 

Any suggestions?
Get your lawyer to send a letter to your ex’s lawyer asking for the info on what surgery your children are registered at. If your ex fails to comply with this request, your only other option is to try and suss out which surgery you think your kids are registered at and then attend there in person with the birth certificates to prove your parental rights. Make sure your ex hasn’t registered the kids under her surname (my ex done this).

The surgery will be forced to reveal the necessary info to you once you have proved you have parental rights and responsibilities

Hope this helps you.
I had this once. I had advice from local surgery. They gave me a list of all the GP surgeries in the catchment area if ex’s address. There were only about 6. They suggested I write the standard introductory letter introducing myself as son’s Father, asking for my name on the records etc - and send the same letter to all the surgeries in the catchment area, which I did. I just wrote to the two most likely ones though. One came back “not our patient” , the second one wrote back with the details - ie hit the jackpot.

I found the NHS service no help at all. It was a slow complicated system of form filling and even then they woukdn’t tell me anything Solicitors letter might do it but I opted to do the above. It was good because it was confidential and my ex didn’t know.
Thanks Charlie - she is ignoring solicitors letters so that will be just a sunk cost if I do it through a legal representative. Plus, my solicitors letter will just trigger further allegations which I am getting bored of listening to now :-)

Good shout - I'll reach out to the local surgeries and see what they have. I think I'll contact the existing surgery first to see if they can provide any information regarding transfer of medical records.

Shocking that a mother is showing no remorse here regarding the welfare of the kids.
Thats a deliberate attempt to obstruct parental responsibility and puts kids health at risk, should you need to consult their doctor during your time. Also you need to know if any medication and allergies etc. Fill in a C1a and go to court for a lives with both, to help Mum understand there are two parents.
Thanks Naïve - I have a final hearing coming up for variation to the current order - I have asked for residency change based on breaches, total disrespect of my PR in not sharing critical information about school as well as using the kids in communications/disputes.

Judge has ordered S7 based on my request for residency change. Despite knowing all this, ex is now refusing to provide GP details.

I already have a S7 report and court order which gives me the children for 44% of the time and all her allegations were dismissed the last time round.
Sounds like you have it covered then. Yeah like previous posters you need to just spam the local surgeries for a hit, copy of birth certificate and your ID should do it. I had to do the same with schools.
Love the fact you moved when your ex did. Im pretty sure my ex hasnt bothered because she knows Ill buy the house opposite if she tries to move away.

Ive finally just found out that ex declined immunisations including MMR. Not happy at all.
Re: relocation - it was a deliberate attempt to obstruct contact given her position now is to reduce the overnights the children spend in my care. Not sure of her basis here, I now live 800 yards away from the school the children attend.

She is eating humble pie now.

I cannot believe she has dismissed immunisations, has she provided a rationale for this?
That is a difficult one. Some people do choose not to have some vaccinations - personal choice and usually fear of adverse reactions. The whole MMR scare was knocked on the head. It must be worrying if she has opted not to have vaccinations done. If you felt strongly it would mean mediation and a specific issues order for a Judge to decide whether she should have them or not. Is there any history in either family of various things - some people use that as a criteria.

My son has had all vaccinations and no issues at all. Most kids do. Some people know someone where the child developed some learning difficulty or other medical problem and attribute it to the vaccination. But these things aren’t proven or the NHS wouldn’t say they were safe.

I would say tetanus and polio are absolutely essential. Polio used to just be a sugar lump to suck. Unless there is some particular family medical history then the risks from not being vaccinated are probably much higher than the risks of being vaccinated.

The only ones I might not have are the flu ones as they are not the main childhood diseases ones - we never had flu jabs as kids - in fact I never had full blown flu until I was in my twenties.

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