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Discrimination or what?
Thanks SeanS. I will not let that one go. I was quiet surprised when I was told by the police sergeant. When I asked him to put what he told me in writing he wouldn't do it saying he wasnt satisfied why I need it in writing. I told him I made a complaint in writing and tou will need to investigate the matter and write to me not telling me over the phone. He later on rand and gave me the incident number and an email address to get the details in writing. I still need police complaint to be concluded in writing as I am within my right to take the matter forward if not satisfied.

I'll see what school has to say about the complaint. He though he could sort out this mess informally though.

I had a response from headteacher about my complaint. He says that if I have any concerns about my child safeguarding I should contact children services. I quoted government guidelines saying you must treat both parents the same but he says school policy can override it if there is safeguarding issues. They acted correctly but not letting me in the school . He says even though the court order doesn’t say I cannot go to the school because mother made serious allegations they had act that way. Basically no apologies and they want me to move foreword.

Next is to complain to School governors. Any thoughts?

I received a progress report yesterday for my child. I guess this was a tactic to defuse the situation.

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