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Need to vent
Thought communication is getting better with stbx..but she is full of hate towards me ...
Making bad comments in front of the kids, everything I do is wrong in her eyes...I just holding myself...not sure for how long. At the moment I do regret that I have not asked for full residence of my son.
It sounds that I will need to start our child arrangments, but this will open a new can of worms. I just want to live happy and enjoy time with a kids.
It's school holidays and I took week off and already she is telling me that she has plans with him!! Enrolled him to local football club and he is over the roof. Unfortunately my ex said she won't take him to club once it's her weekend and I know I can't do anything about it. So every other weekend he will miss football and swimming classes. It's just insane. She has enrolled him to karate classes during weekdays, and I can't say no - will take him during my schedule because our son likes all activities.
It just doesn't sound my life will be problem free ever. I need to implement our agreed child arrangments as soon as possible..but it will open few more cans of worms
Theres nothing you can do afraid in her contact time. All you can do is book weekday lessons on same day if you have them weekly. Football you would think she would take your son or allow you too if she cant. Everyone in general has these very same issues.

But if other way round they expect you to comply or else
I know I can't do much..I am trying to avoid any arguments but I am expected to follow her demands, to fit my life about her life. One way traffic....I can see stbx is not stable mentally, keeps messing things,sending offending msg..
Pretty sure I am not alone...and it's bad feeling knowing there is someone who will try to make life difficult...this divorce is just taking way to long, will be 3years soon ( only finances left to do)

Worst thing is that I have never said bad things about mom in front of the kids..and would expect same from..

Not trying to be in victim situation, just need to refresh a bit.

Thanks everyone

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