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The Second Hearing - I Need Advise
Hello super dads!

I applied for full custody for my 6 year old twins. After the first hearing, they stated that my ex and I should write a separate letter stating why the kids should be in my care. 

They have asked me to write about their: emotional, physical and educational needs. 

Is there any advice you will give me (or has someone done this in the past) before I send it off?
You posted twice. Original answer below.

I think you might start with writing a few paragraphs on each child and go from there. I think once you start, youll find it less hard than you think. I think (and i havent written one of these letters myself but have a guardian and transfer of residence has been suggested) that you are being asked to demonstrate your knowleege of each child, their lewrning capacity, what attention you need to pay to their mental health needs. It couod be written something like this:

His Honour Judge Dredd
The Family Courts 
Smog City

Dear Judge Dredd

Joe vs Smo SU176932588

I have been asked to write to the court explaining why i believe Jane and Joe should live with me. I think it might help if i write briefly about eahc of rhr chikdren separately. 


Jane is six. She has alawys been a 'girly girl' and loves playing with dolls, doing their hair snd dressing them. She is very close to her brother and they are rareky separated. She likes ro read snd also likes watching csrtoons and children's films. She enjoys outdoor play and her sfter school activities, especially jazz dance and swimming. She enjoys school but often needs extra help with her homework. She enjoys the comoany of other chidren but sometimes needs reassurance the presence of older children and adults when she can be nervous....... Etc


Same style... 


I have asked that the court move the children to come live with me as I believe it is in there best interests in the long term. I believe that the children's mother has not supported noe encouraged the chikdren having a relationship with me, nor do i believe - sadly - that she ever will. I believe this case has elements of parrntsl alienation and thst alienation both constitutes abuse snd will cause significant long-term damage, which research indicates can include in the long term, teenage pregnancy and substance abuse. In the medium to long term, i believe if this situation is allowed to continue it will lead to the alienation of rhr children bith from me and my wider family.

Were the court to support my application, I would support and encourage the children to have a relationshop with their mother including both direct snd indirect contact.. Etc


I think you should aim to keep it to to what 3 (?) sides of A4.

Apologies for the typos.

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