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Missing evidence from the bundle
I recieved the bundle last night for my final hearing on the 30th and I've noticed that one of the exhibits I attached to my position statement has not been included. I've rang court and they've told me to email but it takes over a week to get a reply. I've emailed her solicitor and have been told that her solicitor is on annual leave until the 29th. It's a very strong piece of evidence. What do I do? Do I take the evidence myself and ask to speak to the legal advisor beforehand to explain and take my evidence and copies?
I am not sure about this but I would be tempted to email the court attaching the exhibit and say that this important exhibit was submitted for the bundle but other side solicitor missed it out of the bundle. That you have tried to contact this solicitor but they are away until the day before the hearing.

That the exhibit is referred to in your position statement which is in the bundle and therefore ask the court to accept this exhibit as part of the bundle and as referred to in your position statement. Make sure you put the case number and hearing date as the subject and your name on the email. And cc the solicitor with the email.

For all the court may take a long time to reply, if you submit something for the hearing by email it will be dealt with. Mark it urgent and case number in subject title.

That is what I would do but someone may know more than me.

Then take a copy with you and a copy of the email so you can hand it to the Judge if it hasn’t been received.

Was your position statement in the bundle? It’s the usual dirty tricks the other side ‘s Solicitor tries before a hearing - especially when you aren’t represented.
More or less what Charlie has said.

I had this issue where the other side refused to include the S7 report from my previous hearing suggesting it was not relevant. If you email the court with the case number and mark the email as urgent, attach the missing documents and ask the court to incorporate the documents into the existing bundle.

If possible, try and recreate the index so that it includes the documents you've submitted and send that to the court too. Take copies of the documents to the hearing with you just in case.
Great thank you for the advice. I can't wait until I can get past these underhanded tactics
Her solicitor didn't email me, neither did she or court. I also found that there were several pages missing from the S7 report so I've printed everything off multiple times and I'm taking it in tomorrow. Do I speak to the bailiff straight away or just wait until I go into the court?
If I were in your position, I'd hand them to the court ushers to pass to the judge/magistrates before you actually get into court.
Kate is right, you still have the option of handing the evidence over to the usher to pass it to the judge...

I produced a really last minute evidence, a crucial one in that too, and it was accepted .I had the barrister obviously they know their way around.
How did it go?

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