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Joint mortgage
Will she communicate at all? Might be worth sending her a polite formal email explaining that snow the fixed mortgage rate has come to an end the mortgage as gone up by an additional £400 a month which you cannot afford. To prevent the risk of repossession and thus loss of her equity, you seek her consent to remortgage the house to a better deal. End with. “Please can you confirm you will consent to a remortgage “.

Then if she agrees in writing but then won’t do it, you have evidence that she agreed to this - which may help.

Another alternative is to accept she won’t play ball and get a couple of lodgers in to help with the extra mortgage cost.
While you are sorting out finances is there a possibility to have an interest only mortgage for say 2 years? That will give you time to get everything done without losing more equity should she claim based on house price now.
There is no communication whatsoever in fact I tried to communicate when she left last year but I was accused of harassment so i stopped. I having to do fact finding hearing due to these nonsense. I know for sure if I ask her to agree to remortgage she would ignore it and let me suffer financially. I am hoping when it comes to financial settlement I know what the house was worth at the time of separation and how much equity we had. I spent 100k renovating the place so she shouldn’t benefit from what I did to the house after she left.

The only problem is I don’t want to pay extra 400 quid a month just on interest . Speaking with mortgage provider and was told I cannot switch to interest only product. I am not sure if that’s true or not.
try and broker and see what they say re the interest only side of things. A friend has just done to be able to buy somewhere following a divorce and made the difference to buying a 1 bed flat or as they have now managed a 2 bed flat.

I would also make sure you have the the valuation at time of separation in writing, otherwise it may be dismissed.

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