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Child Immunisation
Apologies if this is the wrong place.

It is obviously coming up to flu season and kids between 2 and 4 can get a flu spray in Scotland (not sure if elsewhere)

I have asked ex-partner if daughter is to get spray, she said no because she got it last year and was distressed.
I have replied to this and stated I will take her so she has vaccine and mum doesn't need to see her being stressed.
this has been replied with no, she does not want daughter to get stressed and as it is not mandatory she is not to get it.

I want her to get the immunisation. No doubt ex-partner is saying this just to be opposite from me.

my question is does anyone know if I go and take her anyway if there is anything against this or is it a grey area?

I am aware of a case last year that this was argued in court and the court ruled in favour of the girl having the vaccine as it was in her best interests. 

hopefully someone can help.

Tricky. I would leave this to be honest. Flu vaccines for kids is quite a new thing and I am not sure it’s that crucial personally. If you feel strongly though you’d need to have mediation and then apply for a specific issues order.
If you've got PR, you can take her during the time she's with you. I've consented for mine without bothering to consult my ex, as they'll be with elderly relatives over Christmas. With stuff like this I've learned to just go ahead and do it without asking.

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