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Witness Staement
Hi superdads!

I have sent my ex my witness statement (as ordered by the court). However, she has not sent me anything, so far she is two days late. 

Is there anything I can do about it or should I just leave it be?

I am unsure if she has sent it to Cafcass and the court (she is on holiday at the moment. She possibly could have sent it before she went away but I am unsure), should I flag this up?


The exchanging of statements has cropped up a couple of times on the forum in recent months. I’ll put the link to the most recent one (which also has a link in the responses to the previous thread).
Just to add. I would email the court and tell them you have sent your statement to ex and court by the date ordered but have not received a copy of hers. Ask them to send you a copy if it has been submitted to court. Quote case number in the title box of the message and “fairly urgent”.

Could be dirty tricks if she sees your statement and then amends hers to undermine your arguments.

Someone I know had this issue recently - his ex only produced her statement on the morning of the hearing, cried in court and said she didn’t understand. The court doesn’t seem to punish people who don’t submit statements on time or exchange them.

You could do with a position statement for the day of the hearing (a shorter thing that updates the position). And in that you can put that you have not had sight if the respondent’s statement until x date. You can also put anything else that might help your case that isn’t in the witness statement (ie still have something up your sleeve she can’t undermine).

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